Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stay- A Patrick Sharp Oneshot

I hated this but I kept doing it, I never should have slept with my former neighbor knowing he had a fiancée but I continued to do it.

When he moved in the condo next to me back in 2006, I was immediately smitten. That black hair and those bluish green eyes with the smile that could light up the entire city of Chicago made me weak.

“Hi, I’m Patrick,” my new neighbor said sticking out his hand as he made his way next door to my Lincoln Park townhouse.

“I’m Danielle,” I smiled as I let go of his hand, “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

“Thanks, it seems like a decent place to live, how long have you lived here?”

“Five years, I’m a teacher at Lincoln Park High School. I moved here from Rockford.”

“What do you teach?”

“Freshman English but enough about me, what do you do for a living?”

“Professional hockey player, just got traded here from the Philadelphia Flyers.”

“I don’t follow hockey that often.”

“That’s ashame, I’ll be sure to take you to one of my games.”

“That’s really nice of you but hey I have to head out, it’s parent/teacher conferences tonight and I should have been there fifteen minutes ago.”

“It was nice meeting you,” Patrick smiled and I felt my heart beat faster and sweat form on my forehead.

“You too,” I replied climbing in my PT Cruiser that I had just purchased a few days prior.

Snapping out of my thoughts as I felt the bed shift next to me and Patrick looked so peaceful sleeping there. No matter how many times I did this, I knew it was wrong. The first couple of times we had sex, he failed to tell me that he had a girlfriend for almost four years that he met in college.

Abby was now his wife and I know what you’re thinking, I’m a home wrecker. I’ve met Abby when she came to Chicago to live with Patrick in the fall of 2007 and a few times during the spring of 2006. I liked her, she was a really nice woman and perfect for Patrick, so I don’t know why I started sleeping with Patrick knowing he had someone like her at home waiting for him.

Here we are four years later and I am laying in my same townhouse with Patrick in bed next to me. Every time this happens, I pray and pray the phone doesn’t ring and it’s Abby telling him to come home.

I love Patrick, I’ve fallen in love with him the first time that I met him. He told me on countless occasions that he was going to break up with her because he was in love with me but that never happened.

I am sitting in my living room watching some sappy romance movie and I know that it’s Abby who is ringing Patrick’s cell phone.

“Danielle,” his voice said as he walked down the hall in his boxers, “Why are you awake? It’s three in the morning and you have to get up in an hour.”

I didn’t respond to him and just continued to watch the movie on the screen in front of me, “Dani, do you hear me?”

“YES PATRICK,” I snapped.

“Whoa, baby, what’s wrong?”

“Do not call me baby, ever gain,” I said standing up and storming down the hall.

“Danielle, come on talk to me, what’s wrong,” Patrick said sitting down on the bed next to me putting a hand on my shoulder and I shrugged him off.

“Please don’t do this right now,” I begged.

“Come on Dani, please look at me!”

“Why would I look at you Patrick? I sit here staring at the clock every time we do this praying Abby won’t call and then you leave and go back to her.”

“Why don’t you ask me to stay then? I’d stay if you’d ask.”

“I’m not begging you not to leave because I always thought I wore my damn heart on my sleeve for you.”

“Where are you going with this Dani?”

“I fucking love you Patrick, are you to God damn blind to see that? I hate sharing you with Abby and you tell me that you’re not happy with her and that you’re going to leave her but you married her Patrick, you fucking married her. What do I have to do Patrick?”

“What are you talking about?”

“What do I have to do to make you see that she can’t love you like I can?”

“She’s my wife, Danielle, you knew that after the first time we slept together and I came clean about having a girlfriend.”

“Patrick, look at me,” I said falling down to my knees, “Why don’t you stay? I’m down on my knees, I’m so tired of being lonely don’t I give you what you need. When she calls you to go, there is one thing you should know, we don’t have to live this way, come on Patrick, please stay?”

“I’ll leave her eventually, Danielle, but we just got married. Can we not talk about this now?”

“That’s just the point, Patrick, you keep telling me that there will come a time when you will leave her arms and forever be in mine, but I don’t think that’s the truth, and I don’t like being used and I’m tired of waiting. You have no idea how hard it is Patrick, I love you and I have to share you.”

Patrick sat there not saying anything and I gave up on trying to get through to him, I stood up from the bed and he grabbed my wrist, “Danielle, I love you.”

“No you don’t, Patrick. Why don’t you stay? I’m down on my knees, I’m so tired of being lonely. Don’t I give you what you need, when she calls you to go, there is one thing you should know, we don’t have to live this way, Patrick. I’m done begging you to stay.”

“You have to bear with me, Danielle. I tried to tell her that I don’t love her but I’ve been with her so long, if I left her and was with you out of nowhere. She would know I cheated then my family and her family would disown me.”

“Is that what this is about? Your reputation, you are unbelievable, I can’t believe you, Patrick. I can’t take this any longer but my will is getting stronger and I think I know just what I have to do. I can’t waste another minute after all that I’ve put in it and I’ve given you my best so why does she get the best of you, so the next time you find that you want to leave her bed for mine, just remember…Why don’t you stay? I’m up off my knees, I’m so tired of being lonely, you can’t give me what I need when she begs you not to go, there is one thing you should know, I’m done leaving this way so make your choice, Patrick, it’s me or Abby.”

“You can’t make me do that,” he said, “Come on, Danielle, please don’t do this!”

“I mean it , Patrick, I am done. I love you, I really do but right now I’m letting you go because there is a man out there that won’t be afraid to love me like you are and who will make me his world but until then, get your stuff and go back to Abby. Get out of my house, get out of my life, go back to your wife.”

“Danielle,” Patrick said standing up from the bed and wrapping his arms around me, “Please, don’t do this.”

“Leave,” I said pulling away.

“Danielle,” he whispered.

“Don’t,” I said, “Just don’t.”

Sighing in defeat, Patrick picked his jeans up off of the floor and slid them on before he grabbed his t-shirt and slid it over his head. Pulling on his tennis shoes and grabbing his cell phone off of the nightstand, he walked over to me and placed a kiss on my lips and left the house in silence.

Once I heard the front door shut, I grabbed the vase of roses that he had sent me at work the other day and I threw it at the wall. The glass shattered into a million pieces as did my heart , I was done begging Patrick to stay, I was done being the other woman, and I was ready to move on with my life and I wanted nothing more than to find a man who would give me his heart and not half of it like Patrick had for so many years.

I gave him my whole heart and he gave me nothing in return but false hopes and dreams that would never come true and just like any other man, he didn’t stay.

**AN: I am not to fond of this but this blog will be oneshots with different hockey players.**

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